Support the restoration of our Hall

10 Feb

Last year our members voted overwhelmingly to commence restoration of our Hall. This is a major project which will spread over several years.

The first phase is to improve the comfort and amenity of the main hall for both our own and community use.  This involves lowering of the ceiling, lining the ceiling with acoustic plasterboard, and insulating with fibre-wool. We also plan to rewire the building to accommodate new uses including air-conditioning. And then a new coat of paint and replacement of the curtains –in heritage colours reflecting the period when the hall was built.

We have applied for funding from the NSW Community Partnership Grants, which if successful will fast-track phase one, and enable completion in 2013. But if not successful, we will have to undertake the over a longer period raising the money from our own fundraising efforts.

And we’ve also applied to win the Community Kitchen from the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Foundation (RASF). This competition is open to community organisations in rural and regional NSW with the chance to win a state of the art kitchen donated by Bunning’s Warehouse valued at $25,000. The package consists of one large indoor kitchen and one smaller outdoor kitchen. Wish us the best of luck.

Grants or not, we’re still going to have to raise a large amount of money to undertake the complete restoration. Most of this we expect to do through our catering efforts and through the support of our local community.