Thanksgiving for the CWA Canowindra

31 May

Creator God, you have called each of us to serve and take our place in our community, and our lives have been blessed through the work and commitment of the members of Canowindra CWA in the past ninety years. For all this we give our heartfelt thanks and praise.

We give you thanks, O Lord. For those who lead and those who follow; for officers and councils and committees and boards: We give thanks, For cleaners and dusters, for maintainers and fixers, for those who cook and those who eat.

For administrators and helpers, for counters and record keepers, for newsletter folders and envelope stuffers: For those with wisdom and those with inspiration: For parents and grandparents, for loving sisters, brothers, family and friends: For our past and for our future, for the many ways that we assist the needy in our community, for the mission of the CWA: Make us cheerful givers and faithful workers for the local community and beyond.

We remember the weak among us; the sick, the distressed and those who mourn.

Lord God, we thank you for all the good people of Canowindra CWA.

Multiply our gifts, so that our hands and our minds and our words may prosper our work to continue serving the community as we have in the last ninety years.


Delivered by Father Jono Williams at the 90th birthday celebrations of the Canowindra Branch of the CWA