12 Sep

A wonderful workshop was led by Anne Vincent and Bronwyn Guest on Saturday 8th September for CWA members. After a talk about fascinators and their different styles, we all had a go using pre-prepared kits which Bronwyn had put a lot of effort into getting ready for us.



The results were quite impressive! We are very grateful to Anne and Bronwyn for sharing their skills with us and kicking off the Spring Workshops so successfully.

One Reply to “Fascinating”

  1. Congratulations on both your 2012 successes in keeping the hall under your wing and the launch of your website. I like to see enterprise rewarded and I hope you have continued success in keeping the idea of the CWA alive and at the forefront in teaching the ethics and principles that are slipping away in many areas of the country.
    You know better than I do that the CWA has been the glue that held together small town communities in difficult times and with good spirit will keep on doing that.
    Even though I have not lived in Canowindra for nearly 50 years, it has been heart-warming to see the familiar facade of the rooms whenever I visit the town.

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