International Day

21 Oct

There were two wonderful meetings held on Thursday 28 August to celebrate International Day and the country of study, Botswana. Our branch hosted Elizabeth Akhiwu and her four lovely children for the day, as they judged the primary school art, craft and posters, and then she cooked a lovely Botswanan meal for us in the evening. It was wonderful to fellowship with her and learn about her country.
The Akhiwu children were very articulate with their descriptions of their school and life in Botswana, and the primary school children seemed to get a lot out of their visit. Congratulations to all the local children who won prizes for their artwork—the first place winner’s work has been taken to Borenore for the next level of judging.
Bev Taylor and her students did a wonderful job of setting up the hall and displaying the artwork, and Janie Root, Fran French and Jenny Middleton catered for the crowds to a tee.