Hand Made by CWA

Canowindra CWA prides itself with handmade as all items are made by hand or by a hand process. The craftsmanship of the handmade items is typically of higher quality than one mass produced by a machine and includes some marvellous items such as:  Boomerang bags, scrunchies, aprons, vegetable bags and fun items that are entered in regular competitions such as shows, exhibits and conference displays.

Throughout the year the Canowindra CWA hosts sewing bees to make these items which are then on-sold through the online shop, street stalls, markets and other opportunities that arise.

Again, the gatherings encourage women to gather, communicate, share, participate or simply watch.  Everyone is welcome.

Emails are forwarded to let members know what is planned and check the Calendar Of Events.

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The Canowindra Country Women's Association Branch was started in May 1924 as there was a need in the town for a place where country women can get together to share in friendship and understanding.


The Canowindra CWA seeks to improve conditions & welfare of women and to empower women in our community, through fellowship, transfer of new and traditional skills and community support.  You are welcome to join.


Our impact our actions have upon agriculture and the environment. At Canowindra Branch we focus on recycling reusing resources as well as promoting power saving ideas which benefit the local community.


Canowindra Branch like other CWA Branches often get involved in craft and cooking activities.   Our talented ladies produce craft work that is presented to the CWA Group and State level.  Come join in the fun.